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About the function of AD9102

Question asked by eprovatos on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by vpetrog

Hello fellow engineers,


we are designing a demo board for educators and students and we need a frequency/pattern generator for

producing various types of signals these of a maximum base frequency of round about 10MHz (more is better

here but not a necessity).


We want to be able to generate all kinds of patterns without loading the application microcontroller. This includes

everything from sharp delta-like functions to totally random patterns, from PWM signals to phase shifted sin waves

or triangle waves.


I have gone through the DDS products and it seems that the ideal IC is AD9102, I simply load the pattern that I want

and the pattern is executed and that only seems to be part of the functionality but let´s say for said purposes it gives

the maximum flexibility. I have gone also through the datasheet and it seems I am right, I just need a confirmation,

to get some closure :-).


And the second question is, whether or not I can set the RAM frame from the pattern. So to say, if I am able to

specify to the IC that the pattern I want reproduced is from A address to B address and ignore the rest (or from the

beginning of the pattern RAM to a specific point). Having this ability would make the IC extremely flexible and if I am

right that´s described in page 25 of the datasheet, by START_ADDR and STOP_ADDR, but then again I need this

small clarification.


Thank you in advance for your time and effort,

With best regards,


Thessaloniki, Greece