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Toggleling between two AD9361

Question asked by Quamstar on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by larsc

Hey Folks,


i'am working on a project where i want to analyze the feasibility of using two AD9361, which are running in a toggle-mode. This means, by switching between two ad9361 with exactly with the same configuration (one is active while the other will be reset and reconfigured. I know that there is the FMCOMMS5-EZB which also contains two RF-Transceivers, each of them separately connected and implemented to the baseband processor (e.g. ZC706).


I would like to know if it is technical possible to run two AD9361 (only one is active at the time!) with only one AD9361-IP-Core by e.g. implement a splitter/combiner or switch for the data interfaces (6/12 bit - LVDS). Of course each Transceiver has its own Power- and SPI interface. We are only talking for the data to receive/transmitt.


Of course it might be the easiest way to use the FMCOMMS5-EZB approach and do the data handling afterwards, but i'am  trying to safe the resources of the PL and i would like to know if my idea is theoretically feasible or not.


I hope you can give me an answer to this quite unconventional question.


Thanks and kindly regards