Several adau1701 and E2prom in the same SigmaStudio project

Discussion created by mkatsaragakis on May 8, 2016
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I am working on a 1701 project and i would like a confirmation that my concept is doable.


Lets say that i have an I2C bus with two 1701 , two E2prom and an MCU, all in different addresses .

Can i configure them  all from the same project of SigmaStudio and download the code for DSP 1 at E2prom 1 and the code for DSP 2 at E2prom 2 ?


The idea is , during boot time,  the MCU simply read from E2prom 1 and write to DSP 1 and then read from E2prom 2 and write to DSP 2 ?


Thank you in advance