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Question asked by combover61 on May 6, 2016

Hey there, good morning ... say I am using the AD8603 op amp with an EACLSST3227A1 green color light sensor.  Yes, it works, when light hits the sensor, the output goes high.  Here is the problem, I want to use this setup outside in bright sunlight.  I only want a high output, when the sensor sees my green laser, not remnants of green light in the daylight.  Right now, the setup does not differentiate between a bit of green in the sunlight, or the green laser pointer.


I had thought that the green color light sensor was going to filter out most background light.  Perhaps it does, I just cannot live with the sunlight tripping my sensor.


I have it wired up as shown in the data sheet, minus the two 1000M resistors.