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My AD9680-1000 can't work at 1GHz

Question asked by Ydan on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by UmeshJ


     I'm using AD9680-1000 on my board, but I find it can't work when my sample clock set to 1GHz. I read the register , all of them are 0xff.  My LMF= 421,and I have set the register 0x56E to 0x10.And I test it at other frequency ,it can work at 500MHz  and can't work at 800MHz.   And I really sure the 1GHz clock have on problem.There are two AD9680-1000  on my board,and the other one is test ok at 1GHz,I give them the same program and their circuit are same. So if the chip is broken? I can't believe it.