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How to Build Libiio v0.6 On Windows?

Question asked by Ronen on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by nipicai

HI there.


I'm currently using fmcomms3 and zc702 board.


And I encounter the problom while I'm building libiio in Windows.


what I've done are as follows :


1. Building libiio on target was successful.(0.6 version cfd88fd )


2. installed libiio-setup.exe on Windows because there is no .exe file in 0.6 version release. (0.5 version 00bfeb1)


3. executed ad9361_matlab.m file in matlab R2016a and matlab crached.


So I searched about this problem, and Analog Device said libiio version must be matched.


So I want to install libiio version 0.6 on Windows, but there is no .exe file in github.


How can I build it on Windows? I already generated iio.sln file by CMAKE(v0.6) but how can I use it


to communicate matlab with target?


(oh, also, on Linux target, ADI IIO Oscilloscope says "Unable to create iio buffer : Device or resource busy."


Does it mean libiio on Linux has an error?)