Not updating Energy  (xWATTHR) register values...

Discussion created by on May 5, 2016
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Hello friends,


I am working on 3 phase energy meter using ADE7880...

For Energy measuring i use as below values

(200 Watt bulb)   

LINECYC =  0x0258 ;   // 600 cycles

LCYCMODE = 0x3F ;  



1. How should i get the real word values ?  ...Is that same llike(Vrms_const= Vrms/register value(xVRMS))

2. I use for wh/LSb= (V x I x 0.5 x 6 (sec for 600 cycles))  /  (xWATTHR  x 3600) this correct?

3. when i reading the value from energy register , the value will sometimes increment  and decrement....But as per meter         reading it should be incremented on every time period....

4. In code , if i am not use  interrupt like IRQ0 and IRQ1 then what will happen? this affect on application or not.?


Please , give valuable inputs on above questions