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AD9789 DCO FS with four channel

Question asked by kappasm on Jul 17, 2011
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I currently use the DAC AD9789 wiht only one channel input ad Fbaud of integer part of Fdac, FS pis is therefore always high. Now I must to interface the DAC with four channel input that are not a integer multiple of Fdac. I must use a P/Q interpolator, then the FS pin will be active.


I will use this type of connection from FPGA to DAC (bus 32-bit, data 16-bit, complex) :


AD9789 Data Bus 4 Channel.PNG


How use a FS pin to align the data ? On the data sheet is not very clear and there is not an example.


This is what I understand:


AD9789 Load Data.PNG

It' true ?


Thanks very much.