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ADV7341 EVB - SMPTE274M 1080I@50Hz Configuration

Question asked by Amit-L. on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by PaulS



I'm trying to configure the 7431EVB (EVAL-ADV734XEBZ) to work with SMPTE274M 1080I@50Hz.

In the ADV Register Control 6.04 i run the script ADV7403- HD only with SDR EAV/SAV 1080I60 YPbPr In, 20bit 422out. After running this script i can see 1080I60 in the output monitor as expected.

After that i manually chnage the following registers in order to change to 50Hz according to AD application note for AD7403 (Component Processor nonstandard video foramts):

Under 7403:

1.   0x87   PLL_DIV_MAN_EN  = '1'

2.   0x87,0x88   PLL_DIV_RATIO[11:0] = A50  (hex)

3.   0x8A   VCO_RANGE_MAN  = '1'

4,   0x8A   VCO_RANGE[1:0] = "10"

5.   0x8F, 0x90   FR_LL[11:0] = 3C0   9hex)


Under 7341:

1.   0x30    ED/HD INPUT MODE   = 74  (hex)


i connect the SMPTE274M 1080I@50Hz video from a standard bar genrator to the EVB and i don't see any video in the monitor. If i bypass the EVB and connect the bar genrator dirctly to the monitor i see the correct picture so the bar genrator and monitor both support this format.