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Pin Assignment using an Interposer Board

Question asked by Dhersam on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by danf

Hello Analog Devices.

     I've recently started working in my university lab with an fpga board(the ML605) and one of your DACs, the AD9129. I've been ale to successfully test both of these components using already compiled code that's available online. However, I would like to start to implement my own DSP projects using this equipment. What we have here in particular is an ad9129 interposer board ( ) which is designed to work with both this fpga and dac. There is a universal constraint file for this exact interposer board using this exact connection port with the fpga, however I am uncertain on how I should involve this complex map of differential signals with my existing code.

If there are any existing guides or references that would be extremely helpful because so far I haven't found anything. Thanks