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Sharc Asynchronous Memory Interface Data packing

Question asked by rob on Jul 16, 2011
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I'm studing the AMI Data packing in ADSP-21375 SHARC processor Hardware Reference

becouse i want to transfer on my SRAM(256k x 16bit) only 16bit data

so i could see memory locations of 32bit with 16bit zero.

The only external memory is SRAM.

I initialize :


     //SRAM Settings
    ustat4 = WS2|HC1|AMIEN|BW16 |PKDIS ;
    dm(AMICTL1)= ustat4;


I set BW16  and PKDIS becouse i read "16-bit data received is zero filled. For transmitted data
only the 16-bit LSB part of the 32-bit data word is written to external memory".

In sram i see that the first 16bit aren't zero but all 32bit data were trasmitted.

I ask if something else must be set.



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