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AD9361 inquirings

Question asked by JulianoCioffi on May 3, 2016
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I am Juliano k. Cioffi FAE from Latinrep and I work together with Mr. Lucas Porto our Country Manager and Mr. Salah Dahdul from ADI, our supervisor.


I have recently visited a few customers and there is some inquiring they made and perhaps we should start debating the topics:


  1. 1)      Brazil (NDA customer and cannot mention the name) - Very important business for us.


    1. They are developing one solution to work on a rural environment and would like to know if we have documentation to support the development of one LTE (5 MHz bandwidth) operating out of 3GPP specs at 250 MHz. They need information on the configuration files. They require higher transmission potency and will work with 29 dBm, with the average input signal on the amplifier of 13.5 dBm. Peak will reach 39 dBm (OIP1).
    2. They were looking for one amplifier that would meet these requirements with a 15 dB gain, but I was unable to find any part that would work for this frequency.
    3. They are also looking for closer detail on temperature operation limits and how important parameters of transceiver specs are affected.


  1. 2)      Argentina


    1. We recently visited one important customer at Argentina. They are interested on the following details:


  • Do we have accelerated thermal cycling information according to the IPC9701?
  • Thermal Model?
  • If the DACs and ADCs can work at 320 and 640 Msps does the analog filter limits to 56 MHz maximum bandwidth RF? Is there a possibility to obtain higher BW?
  • Is it possible that this component is provided in encapsulated LGA?
  • Is it possible that this component is provided in encapsulated CGA?
  • Is there a model to predict consumption and dissipation depending on the configuration?
  • The possibility of receiving information from the AD9361 performance measurements using the type modulations APSK (16APSK, 32APSK, etc.).


Please let me know if is necessary further information I can provide, or please feel free to e-mail me at


Best Regards