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ADF7242 GFSK sport mode

Question asked by msorenson on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by enash

I purchased two dev kits for the ADF7242 and am trying to configure them to have one be in the tx GFSK Sport mode (2Mbps, sample on falling edge) and one in rx so that I can feed a bitstream through them.  Is there a set of .txt files (similar to the set_gfsk_2Mbps_rfio2rxtx.txt) that i can use to configure the devices for this mode?  If that is not possible, can someone give me a list of the SPI commands to send to the radio?  The datasheet is very cryptic and I have already been suprised by extra SPI commands that the dev kit sends that weren't clear in the datasheet.


Thanks in advance!