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AD9649-65EBZ Evaluation Board Configuration for Static and Dynamic characteristics

Question asked by Chowdary@12 on May 3, 2016
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We are trying to learn the Static(INL & DNL) and Dynamic(SNR, SFDR, THD etc...) characteristics of High speed ADC. So, we bought AD9649-65EBZ evaluation board.


We tried to capture the ADC response by providing DC input at INPUT+(J502), but bit pattern at output is continuously varying as i studied from this community evaluation board has the DC blocking capacitors. What are all the modification that we should made to provide both AC and DC input to ADC?.


Please let us guide to make the evaluation board in working condition to get both Static and Dynamic characteristics of AD9649.


Equipment we are using to characterize are listed as follows

( i ) National Instrument's PXI Based Function Generator (NI-5406)

( ii ) National Instrument's PXI Based HSDIO (NI-6556)

( iii ) ADC Evaluation board (AD9649-65EBZ)


Bench top Oscilloscope and Function Generator also accessible to me.



Please guide us to learn about Static and Dynamic characteristics of ADC.


Thanks in advance...


N Chowdary.