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Regarding AFE and Vertical drivers

Question asked by sanddyv on Jul 14, 2011
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   Greetings!!!. I am Sandeep Vankineni Working for System  Controls, Bangalore. We developing a camera interface with analog  devices front ends.I am interfacing AD9992 with KAI-0330  (KODAK) image sensor. I had doubts regarding some of the interfaces  kindly reply back to me.

1) If we use AD9992 the driver strength  of horizontal drivers is increased through 0x35 in steps of 4.3ma. I  want to know how this effects the amplitude of the pulse. given H-  driver supports Vdd-0.5 min. I need a H1L=-9V and H1H=3V amplitude  level. so how to achieve the voltage level? Similarly, V-clocks take  -9V, 0V, 9V how to achieve these voltages?


2) V-drivers in AD9923A provides VLL=-7.5 how can i carry with VLL=-9V as per my sensor?


3) I need how the voltage levels will be varied in AD992.


4) if you have any reference schematics help me out.