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ADV7611 ITU video output

Question asked by S.Griebsch on May 2, 2016
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I'm currently struggled with a problem. I'm using an ADV7611 HDMI receiver for getting an 16-bit ITU-656 video signal.

I have realized, that if any video is present on the input, I'm able to read the correct video format. Also if the device is running free ist outputs a green screen. Unfortunally I do not get an valíd output for the actual video input.

I have measured the output signal. DE, HS, VS seem to be correct. On the clock line I get a strange behaviour.

Round about every 500ms the clock frequency changes from 74MHz to something around 36MHz. This will last 9.5ms.

I have tried the recommended setup as it is described in the data sheet without any success.