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ADIS16488 Delta Velocity raw-data

Question asked by sand_dsy on Apr 29, 2016
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I'm using a arduino due to read data from ADIS16488, the rotation rate and the acceleration data is stable,also i need the velocity data of the device. So i found the Delta Velocity  in  page17.

what confused me is the data read from the device,  and the device is static. Picture 1 is gyro raw_data, and it looks good. Picture 2 is delta velocity ,it should be 0 of all axis, but it is not. And picture 3 is  the programme i wrote ,  buf[11] is the signed short data read from X_DELTVEL_OUT, dvx_low is the unsigned short data read form X_DELTVEL_LOW.

How can i fix it and how can i caculate the device vel from delta velocity ??????????????