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ADRF6518 EVAL board

Question asked by ADI_hh on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by ADI_hh

I have bought a ADRF6518EVALZ board,and I have got two ploblems here:


1,The Gui can not be opened after I have installed the EVAL software and the drivers according to  the  instructions said by the document in the which was downloaded from the attachment:

Something wrong happened when the installation went  into step(8),and the computer indicated that the system can not find the specified hardware information,as shown in the following picture.

the operating system is windows 7,32bit

How can I solve this problem?


2,Without the GUI,I had a test on ADRF6518 by  giving  a 3.3V voltage on VPS tip,and observed the current of the board.The result is that ,when no usb cable on the board,the current is 230mA,and when the usb cable was plugged into the board while the other end on computer ,the current is 410mA.The test result is shown on the pictures following.

Is that result right?