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lwip example  does not work on EZLITE

Question asked by sunminghao2016 on Apr 29, 2016
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lwip example on CM408F EZLITE does not work correctly.


my board is ADZS-CM408F-EZLITE (ADSP-CM408F  EZ-KIT  0.2  2012)
the example i used is ADSP-CM40x_Software-Rel2.1.0.exe\examples\lwip\multicast, what thing i have done is accord ADSP-CM40x_Software_Users_Guide.pdf, i complied example and  "download and debug" , and run.
debug output is :

Configuring switches for the ethernet operation
Incorrect MAC address in FLASH Using temporary MAC: 0x00123456789A
Network Interface et0: : 00-12-34-56-78-9A : RX buffs = 5 : TX buffs = 20
Link established
Starting Mulitcast sender task

problem i encountered is multicast_receiver.exe has not receieved any packets, i snaped in pc host and no packed captured.
i ran example\lwip\inetd, same thing appeard.