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Using SPI control on zedboard PMOD connectors

Question asked by KDcy on Apr 29, 2016


I want to use a zedboard to control a SPI connection on PMOD. The project I'm working on already use the SPI_0 to control a device but not on PMOD. So I want to use the other connection available (SPI_1).


I'm using the design 2014_R1. I started with the fmcomms2 design on Vivado and I made SPI_1 as an EMIO connected to the PMOD connector JB.


I modified the devicetree by adding the following content :


    spi@e0007000 {
      compatible = "cdns,spi-r1p6", "xlnx,zynq-spi-1.00.a", "xlnx,ps7-spi-1.00.a";
      interrupt-parent = <0x1>;
      interrupts = <0x0 0x31 0x4>;
      clock-names = "ref_clk", "aper_clk", "pclk";
      clocks = <0x3 0x1a 0x3 0x23 0x3 0x23>;
      num-chip-select = <0x4>;
      reg = <0xe0007000 0x1000>;
      speed-hz = <0x5f5e100>;
      #address-cells = <0x1>;
      #size-cells = <0x0>;
      status = "okay";


        compatible = "spidev";
        reg = <0>;
        spi-max-frequency = <3125000>;


The routing seems to work but after the regeneration of the SD card, I lose the connection with SPI_0 I had before in Linux at /sys/bus/iio/devices.


I tried the regeneration of the SD card with and without the modification I made on the devicetree and in both cases, it doesn't work.


Why do I lose the control on SPI_0 when I'm trying to use SPI_1 ?