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Conversion gain of ADRF6620

Question asked by jhshin on Apr 28, 2016
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My customer measured the conversion gain of MIXER_OUT under the below conditions using evaluation board of ADRF6620.

  *** Test conditions:

    - RF_IN : 1.9GHz

    - LO : 1.49GHz(VCO_FREQ: 2.98GHz)

    - MIXER_OUT : 410MHz

The measured value including the balun loss in the evaluation board was about -14dB.


I calculated the conversion gain using ADRF6620's S-parameter file data & balun datasheet.

  -7.81dB(magS21@410MHz) + (-1.13)(Balun insertion loss@400MHz) = -8.94 dB

Is it right?

Please tell me the conversion gain value of ADRF6620 under the above conditions.

What is the reason for the difference between the measured value and the calculated value?


Thanks in advance.