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ADV7441 HS_IN and VS_IN, are these digital or analog inputs?

Question asked by fziffel on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by fziffel

on page 312 of the HW manual  HS_IN and VS_IN are mentioned under the "Digital Inputs" paragraph.

But, on page 162 they SYN_LOTRIG register mentions a 0.6V threshold.

What is the usual range of voltage for these inputs and are we just looking for edges, or analog level changes on them.


These two sync pins have a proctection device "BZX284" (Zener?) on the schematic on page 316. But, that part is obsolete according to our sources.

So, what do you recommend to replace this device.

(Zener? This parts data sheet says it is a voltage regulator).

How much capacitance can be tollerated, what is the max voltage that can be tollerated are some of our questions.



Fred Ziffel