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Differential input voltage of opamp ±0.8 V

Question asked by selvakumar.sonai on Apr 28, 2016
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In AD8022 datasheet has Differential Input Voltage  ±0.8 V at absolute maximum rating.

In design i provided the supply voltage as  +/-12V.

i used the amplifier as Voltage follower,inverting amplifier and active filter.

Inverting Amplifier and Filters are unity configuration mode only.

My single ended input signal of opamp is +4Vpeak to -4Vpeak with respect to ground.

Is the signal to be clamped by the internal diodes ?


Similarly i use the opamp of AD8032, ADA4898 .


It also have the differential voltage as +/-3.4V (AD8032) and +/-1.5V(ADA4898).


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