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ADV7611 Frame Buffer and Latency

Question asked by on Apr 28, 2016
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I've searched in the datasheet but I didn't find any info on the latency of this chip. What I mean by latency is how much time this chip needs to convert an hdmi input into "DPI" (HSYNC, VSYNC and digital RGBs) ?


Let's say you have a picture (640x480@60Hz) which is totaly red, sent via hdmi (without audio) to the ADV7611 and I probe both TMDS2 (digital Red) and the R_High on the output. I will see two rising edges. But what will be  the difference in time between those rising edges ? Is there any exact value ? Else will it be about few microseconds, few miliseconds (less than 5) or 16.67 ms or more ?