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about AD9266_80EBZ

Question asked by xiaodxi_l on Apr 27, 2016
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I need to connect the AD9266_80EBZ to FPGA, and my FPGA has a 3.3V level, but I measure the AD9266, it's DRVDD is 1.8V, so this means that AD9266-80 has a 1.8V levels, is that right? And what I can do for obtain a 3.3V high level?

by the datasheet of the 9649EE01B_SCH.pdf, as shown in figure, the U105 is -3.3-R7, but in my board (9649CE01A) ,the U105 is -1.8-R7, this means that in order to obtain a high level of 3.3 V, I need to replace this chip ?