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Controlling ADF4355 via Arduino

Question asked by WKAriyoshi on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by rbrennan



I have at hands the evaluation kit of the ADF4355 synthesizer with integrated VCO. It is working very well for my needs, however one thing is bothering me while I use it: I need to connect it to a computer whenever I need to change the RF output.


Because of that, I was thinking of using a microcontroller board such as Arduino to substitute the computer in order to make changes to the RF output. And this is why I'm making this question here in the forums: is it possible to control the output of ADF4355 using an Arduino? If positive, what are the protocols to communicate to the synthesizer?


I was looking at the manual of ADF4355 and it has lots of stuff regarding registers. How do I modify a register using Arduino? What kind of "message" do I have to send to the synthesizer to change the output frequency?


Thanks for your support.