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AD9783 noise

Question asked by gpontis on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by larrywelchusa

I'm doing a design with the AD9783. It is not a waveform generation application, and noise is the most important parameter. I'd like to know how much noise I would see on the outputs at a constant DAC setting.


I assume that there is one component of noise due to the voltage reference and associated circuitry, which would cancel out at midscale and be at a maximum at the min and max DAC counts. I can provide a quiet external reference to minimize that which comes from the internal bandgap reference. Add to that other sources of noise, maybe also code dependent.


Can someone give me some numbers of what to expect ? The application would be sensitive to noise from 50 Hz to 50 MHz. I can also consider a different part if noise would be significantly lower.