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AD9361 ad9361_tx_quad_calib() function question with no-OS driver

Question asked by Usher on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by Usher

Hello ADI folks,


     I am using AD9361 and no-OS driver on our project but encounter issue. The issue is that I noticed ad9361_tx_quad_calib() will be called when change TX LO( > 100MHz) and change TX analog bandwidth. Which means TX_QUAD_CAL will be executed twice if I change both TX LO ( > 100MHz) and TX analog bandwidth!


     However, I need really short turnaround time for changing TX state. So I like to know if I can do just once TX_QUAD_CAL for both LO and BW change? If yes, what's the recommended sequence? BW -> LO -> TX_QUAD_CAL or LO -> BW -> TXTX_QUAD_CAL?