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ADF9010 - Low RX baseband out

Question asked by KVP on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by pwalsh

Hi everybody,


I'm working with a ADF9010 Eval board.

Software is installed, baseband data given. The output seems to work fine.


The RX however does not work like intended. Coupled the TX back to RX (with antennas and directly with -30dB / -20dB).  The RX baseband output was really low in both cases.


Followed the signal from antenna port (looks ok) to the ADL5382 input (looks ok) to the ADL out (nearly no output at all) for all 4 line ( QHI, QLO, IHI, ILO ). The 866 MHz carrier was low (with is obviously ok) but the 160 kHz signal is even lower. With will results in the ADF9010 to give a output with really low amplitude (at 24dB RX gain only 5mV amplitude peak-to-peak with is absurdly low for the R->T path).


Is there anything on the board that may be damaged or missing to cause such problem? How can I check?

Or do I have to give some signal (like with REF IN) or parameter To make this part work?



Hope somebody can (and will) help me.Bye