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ADAU1701 using digital inputs

Question asked by sw01 on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by DaveThib


I want to use a VS1063 Audio codec in my design. This codec have a I2S Output for a external DAC.

fs=48kHz, MCLK=12,288Mhz, BCLK=MCLK/8=1,536Mhz, LRCK=48khz. (This port only acts as a master)


The Output from this device I want to connect to the ADAU1701 Digital Input. The ADAU is running with 12,288Mhz System clock. This clock is my masterclock.

The second Digital Input from the ADAU1701 I want to use a external A/D Converter (PCM1803), also configured as a master.

fs=48kHz, MCLK=12,288Mhz, BCLK Mode 64BCK/LRCK=3,072Mhz. (32BCK/LRCK is not possible with the PCM1803)

In my application I want to Switch between this two devices.


The wiring you can see in my shematic.

My main question is: Can I do this in this way? The Problem is, that I have two different BCK/LRCK Rations.


My digital Output D0...D2 (as MAster)  drives 3 PCM5102 D/A converter.

I´m a Little confused about the right clocking and the Settings for the ADAU1701.


Thanks for help.