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ADAU1452 and SigmaStudio - Loops and Subroutines?

Question asked by eingber on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by mmmike

I'm planning to implement four instances of an audio chain in the ADAU1452 (along with two ADAU1961 or ADAU1761 codecs). Some aspects of the four audio chains will be identical, like certain FIR filters, and some will be tuned differently in each audio chain (like equalizer settings). It will be running at less than 48kHz.


The ADAU1452 data sheet says that the program length can be up to 8192 words, or 8192 instructions per sample. But running at lower sample rates allows more instructions to execute per sample. For example, at 16 kHz, it can execute up to 18,432 instructions per sample.


My question is, is the SigmaStudio compiler smart enough to organize execution into subroutines and loops to efficiently implement the four instances of the audio chain such that I'll be able to execute >8192 instructions per sample?