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Coefficient memory on AD9670

Question asked by JohannB on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by AshrafS

I have to use the Decimation filter of AD9670.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to write and read coefficient properly. Either, I'm not
writing at the right place in coefficient memory, either I'm not doing stream
access properly.


I'm currently using "Decimator Filter test" output in order to read all my
coefficients on data output.

1/ Is there any example of coefficient writing on AD9670 ? with MSB first.

2/ What is the scale factor of Test Decimator fiter output ?

3/ My profile address : P is 0, my decimation factor is 0x1 (decimation by 2). I'm
writing coefficient with two stream write access (MSB first).
First  @ 0x100F with 14 bytes
Second  @ 0x101F, also 14 bytes.
Is it correct ?

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