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Change USBi to ADAU1452 comms from SPI -> I2C

Question asked by sherryi on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by sherryi

In hardware Configuration window of the project, USBi automatically selects SPI 0x1 ADR0 for ADAU1452. But I would like to change it to I2C. When I use drop down menu to select the range of available I2C addresses and compile it, It gives the error of 'Compiled, Comms Failed'.

What do I need to do to establish USBi to I2C comms with the DSP?


The intention behind this requirement is to control the USBi (ADUSB2Z) board using my third party (c# application), and NOT SigmaStudio... This will happen after DSP is programmed and Parametric equaliser has to be controlled by the user. The chip CY7C680's on ADUSB2Z board has a data sheet that only suggests USB to I2C conversion, not USB to SPI conversion, this has me wondering how is SPI comms conducted by this board? (I understand this is not a domain of ADI but I hope this is a basic question)