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Problem programming Flash memory of BF506F for large programs

Question asked by Shaun on Jul 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by WassimB

I have designed and built a Blackfin BF506F board. I have configured the booting using synchronous parallel flash (internal).
It has been working well and I have been developing programs and testing on the board.
I have also managed to program the Flash memory of the Blackfin using the Flash Programmer utility in VDSP++ and it works well.

However, recently when my program gets bigger, problem starts to appear.

My program becomes big and I have splitted into two sections : L1_code and FLASH_code using the #pragma section directive.
My program was built successfully and was able to run perfectly under emulation using ADI emulator. My program also contains some flash routines to allow me to modify some variables through UART.

But I have been unable to flash my program successfully. Whenever I flash my program into my Blackfin board, the Blackfin chip seems to die away and unable to establish contact anymore with the emulator, and I have to change a new Blackfin processor. It seems that the processor is unable to boot from its internal flash after being programmed using Flash Programmer utitlity.  When I soldered the flashed processor onto the BR506F EZLITE, it is able to boot from SPI memory on the EZLITE but not from internal memory.


Anybody can advise me how to flash my large program successfully into BF506F ? I have followed an example regarding some LEDs display program written in L1_code and FLASH_code to structure my program and flash my program but it doesn't seem to work for me on my large program.

Or Are there any problems in the Flash memory of BF506F?