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Accessing /dev/mem via mmap() from GNU Radio custom block

Question asked by vshn on Apr 25, 2016
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I'm trying to access a custom IP block from GNU Radio [ZedBoard] using /dev/mem. I tested the code routine writing and doing iterative reading from /dev/mem from a local c file. The code running directly from the console correctly sets the registers and reads the correct values back.


I made a custom GNU Radio block using this code but when executing the grc flow python script I receive the error that /dev/mem was not accessible.


I know that this is NOT a safe way to interact with the device and am working on a driver to replace this. Currently I need this to work for testing and development. I went so far as to change permissions to /dev/mem to 777, I added my local user (Linaro) to the kmem group as well. I execute the python file for the flowgraph using sudo as well.


What am I overlooking? Thank you.