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ADAU1451 I2C data hold time

Question asked by Sam.S on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by Sam.S

Dear Sir,


     According ADAU1451 datasheet description as below:


     ADAU1451_I2C_Data Hold Time.png

But it's seem against the I2C spec. description as belo

I2C_Spec_Data Hold Time.jpg


Our customer use 400KHz I2C, datasheet define “data hold time is >= 0.9us”.

But I2C standard define “data hold time is 0 ~ 0.9us”, ADAU1451 is out of spec.


If not a typo, is there allowance range of data hold time?

Our customer's product have another chip with inverse limitation: “data hold time <= 0.9us”.

To meet both two chip, they must set data hold time to exactly 900us, but it is hard to always accuracy.


Would you please confirm if it is typo.


Thank you!