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Wrong Export of Sequence Data ?

Question asked by dzingoni on Jul 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2011 by akurtj

Hi everybody,

I'm developing a complex application using an ADAU1761 controlled by a microcontroller (Arduino UNO board).

I have a complex project perfectly working, and I'm trying to export "sequences" to be invoked by the microcontroller.


I followed the explanation of this document: SigmaStudio Basic uC Integration Tutorial.pdf

and downloaded the example zip file.


OK, everything is perfect, except that when I'm exporting my files with the command "Export Sequence Data ..." I get files that are useless.

The problem is that the .h files contain empty function definitions.

Instead of getting sothing like (file "Tone_Modes.h"):


0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00};


//Declaration of function needs to be automated
void tone_download (){
    SIGMA_WRITE_REGISTER_BLOCK( DEVICE_ADDR_IC_1, 0x0010, 6, TONES_0 );            /* StMuxSwSlew1coeffname */


where you can see the parameters and function body, I get something like this:



void MODE_0_download(){


The body of the function is empty, and of course does nothing. Of course when creating the mode I performed the suitable drag and drop of the sequence lines of interest, and they show in the right pane (so the mode is not empty).


My project uses a "Hierarchy board" in order to subdivide the project and reuse the board in other projects, and I have the impression that something is

not defined due to this fact ( the "IC" column in the sequencer window is always empty, and when reloading the sequence the IDE complaints

that something is wrong regarding the IC, and that a "default" will be used).

Even if I try to download the mode to hardware I have the impression that nothing happens.


Is there something that I can do? Did you ever see such a behaviour, actually empty export sequence files?

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards. Daniele.