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Look for multi channel input microphone input multi-channel speaker output DSP

Question asked by chujunzbdx on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Jithul_Janardhanan


Now my project is that I want to acquisition of voice in 4 channel parallel through 4 microphone input and do the related algorithm with the data of 4 channel audio data,  finally output the  data of 4 speakers through the 4 channel speaker. The output of the 4 channel and 4 channel speaker microphone input are independent of each other. But the 4 channel acquisition of the audio data is the need to carry out the relevant algorithm (algorithm for the adaptive algorithm), and then separate the 4 channel independent output.

My questions is as follows :

question one : For such applications, using which DSP I  can achieve the above functions, and please tell me the related development board ? Please recommend to me , thank you!!

question two:Can be extended in the above requirements, such as 8 channel microphone into, 8 channel speaker output?

question three:I'm looking for two DSP development boards at the website as follows:      ADZS-SHAUDIO-EZEXT       ADZS-21469-EZBRD


The above two development board can satisfy my function ?




  1. 1.对于这样的应用场合,请问采用你们的哪款DSP能实现以上功能,以及相关开发板连接?请您推荐一下,谢谢了!!
  2. 2.能否在上述要求再进行扩展,比如8通道麦克风进如,8通道扬声器输出。
  3. 3.我这里参详了两个dsp开发板      ADZS-SHAUDIO-EZEXT       ADZS-21469-EZBRD