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ADRF6518-EVALZ,Evaluation softwre can not be opened;USB not recognized after drivers installed

Question asked by ADI_hh on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by jdobler

       ADRF6518EVALZ   evaluation softwre(downloaded from ADI) can not be opened.

       The computer  indicated that USB can not be recognized even thougn drivers (all were downloaded  from ADI)have been installed strictly according to the instructions said by the Word offered  by ADI(named :ADRF6518_Software_and_Driver_Installation instructions.doc).

       When the installation went into the step (8),the computer indicated  that can not find hardware informtion in specified files .And then in  the Device Manager the device is still a Unknow Device.

       Note:1,win7,32bit,64bit ,winxp systems have been tested.

                2,ADRF6510- EVALZ bought from ADI recently can be installed properly and used quite well.

How can solve this problem ?