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ADV7180 Wrong Blanking

Question asked by KWIer on Jul 14, 2011


I've been used PAL 768x576 Camera with ADV7180 ADC with square pixel mode and have some trouble:

The output stream of ADV7180 have some strange format (see sreens)


Sample rate at screens is ~29.5 Mhz (and LLC output pin too)

Looks like ADC twice output first data byte, then skip second, then output third byte twice too and so on...

Blanking data between EAV and SAV is look like 336 bytes (0x10) versus 172 bytes (0x80) and 172 bytes (0x10) in BT656

I've got 1888 bytes in video line, but they don't match BT656 reguiment..


Package is LQFP 64.

8-bit databus is used [P15..P8].


Registers configuraton (hex) - CVBS at Ain1:

01h: CC;
17h: 41;

04h: 40;

31h: 02;

others - startup defaults;


Have You any suggestion why this happens?




P.S. In ADV7180 datasheet (rev.F) at Tables 109-120  (I2C Configuration examples) figure register with address 0x55, but it's not exist in tables 105-106 (REGISTER MAPS SUMMARY).


Best Regards, KWIer