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ADM1278 Hot swap off (FET Health Bad) ISSUE

Question asked by JackH on Apr 21, 2016

Dear All:

I have a ADM1278 continuing insurmountable problems. When my system boots after 4 hours suddenly found the ADM1278 V-Gate Pin Of. Through ADM1278 GUI to confirm discovery is FET Health Bad, and check datalog current @0A. But I try to go on a short circuit in system power on MOSFET VGS pin, FET Health Bad registers have no response. so I have question pls see below. 3Q


I have measured MOSFET operating temperature of about 35 degrees


Q1:FET Health Bad this function when it will be open?


Q2:FET Health Bad This function opens What are the problems and why?

Q3:What are the ways I can avoid?

Q4:Where the capacitor and resistor needs to be adjusted?


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