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row selection in synthesizer table

Question asked by ENGINEER on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by tlili

Hi ADI Team,

                    we are using ad9361 chip in our proprietary board


our reference clock is such that we use SYNTH_40MHZ_FDD.txt as the synthesizer table


1.  i understand each synth row is optimized for particular frequency range.

2. bandclass 10 can spread around 4 synth rows [row 34 to 38].



1. what happens if the tx and rx frequency is tuned to low possible frequencies whereas the synth parameters are selected according to the highest frequency  ??

2. for example, if operating tx and rx frequency is in row index 34, whereas the row selected and for tx and rx synth registers are written based on row index 38.

3. let me repeat again, according to the operating tx and rx frequency, the row selected should be 34 [assume], but for some reason [coding error], we selected row 38 [please note band class 10 spreads from row 34 to 38], i just wanted to know the impact? [Tx evm and Rx PER tests] ??

4. each row looks the same, with minor 1 unit change across columns. in somecases, i DONT see any change in the column. then why 2 rows ??



RC Reddy