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Comparing regular cor FIR function and the FIR accelerator

Question asked by macci77 on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by Mitesh

Working with Sharc-SC584.

I am running the core FIR function and FIR accelerator, wanting to compare them timewise.

When I run the fir (uiInputBuff1[ii],uiCoeffBuff, delayArray, 100); I get the cycle count of 191

When I configure the FIR accelerator I get 100 times more. Which means I am not configuring right

What should be the way to configure the one channel, Sample based processing mode TCB for the FIR accelerator ?

I use window = 1 , for the Sample based processing mode.

This is what I have for configuration right now, based on the example I downloaded.

       FIRA_TCB1[0]=0;//((int)(FIRA_TCB3+12)>>2)|0xA000000; //CP


FIRA_TCB1[2]=1;     //CM

       FIRA_TCB1[3]=((int)CoeffBuff1>>2)|0xA000000; //CI

       FIRA_TCB1[4]=((int)OutputBuff1>>2)|0xA000000; //OB

       FIRA_TCB1[5]=WINDOW_SIZE1; //OL

FIRA_TCB1[6]=1;     //OM

       FIRA_TCB1[7]=((int)OutputBuff1>>2)|0xA000000; //OI

       FIRA_TCB1[8]=((int)InputBuff1>>2)|0xA000000; //IB


       FIRA_TCB1[10]=1; //IM

       FIRA_TCB1[11]=((int)InputBuff1>>2)|0xA000000; //II