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Fan out Buffer Is required for SPI Interface used in Industrial PCB?

Question asked by SHARVY on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by EricC


We are planning connect a single SPI channel ( MISO,MOSI,CS,SCLK)  from our MCU to  8 different devices in the board. Please let me know,


FYI: SPI is connected 8 numbers of Digital Isolators kind devices. & the total routing length would be lesser than 15inch.


1) Do I need any kind of buffering before I branch the signals?


2) If so please suggest me the Fan Out buffer suitable for the SPI interface.


Below block diagram shows our requirement. In order to reduce the loading of the SPI lines from the micro controller, we are planning to use a Fan out buffer to branch the single channel of SPI to 8 different Isolator SPI input. Do you have any other idea or do you recommend the below circuit? .




Request you to give your advice asap.


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