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ADuCM330: Can I use Gain 128 and 256 ?

Question asked by aimPoint on Apr 20, 2016
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Hi all


I have question about PGA gain setting of ADuCM330.

Can I use Gain-128 and 256?


And excerpt the relevant portions of the UesrGuide below.

128 and 256 seems to be set to undefined part.


ADuCM330/ADuCM331 Hardware Reference Manual UG-716 Rev.B Page 68 of 126

Table 86. ADC0CON Register Bit Descriptions




In addition, it was possible to set the ADuC7039.


ADuC7039 Datasheet Rev. D | Page 36 of 92

Table 29. ADC0CON MMR Bit Designations




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