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I and Q getting swapped in received signal on Rx1 on AD9361

Question asked by abmartin on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by rgetz


  I am running a Linux application using the AD9361 (on Zync706). The use case is Described below.


I configure the AD9361 device as follows:


- LVDS Full Duplex Mode

- All Rx and Tx channels enabled

- Rx and Tx configured to the same sampling frequency (20MHz)

- RF port select A_BALANCED

I have shorted the Tx1 and Rx1 ports on the SDR chip.

Then I transmit a signal on Tx1 (I and Q) and receive on Rx1 (I and Q) Which I am plotting as a waveform.





What I am observing is did When I run the above usecase Repeatedly, sometimes the I and Q signal of the Rx is getting inter changed from did of the trans mitted signal.

There are runs where the I and Q are proper, but the swapping happens often.



Could anyone shed some light on the above behavior. Could it be Because of any configuration did what missed by me.