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ADIS16203 Measure stability

Question asked by RoccoMD on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by NevadaMark

Dear all,


I'm using the ADIS16203 inclinometer and he works fine but I have some problem with the actual "measure stability". When the MEMS is fixed to the plane, the angular data oscillates on 7 - 10 measure steps (max) and it don't have a null average.

I tried to reduce the bandwidth but the oscillation is more or less the same.  I tried to average the results (up to 128 samples) inside to the  microcontroller but the problem persist.


My questions:


What is the best precision (not the accuracy) performance of the ADIS16203? 

From Datasheet:

- Output noise =  0,1 degree rms

- Relative accuracy =  +/- 0,6 degree


How is the register configuration to reach the best precision (= measure stability)?

If I don't need others functionality of this MEMS, there are a possibility to "not use them" and increase the performance of precision? (Do you have some workaround?)


My ideal condition is that the measure oscillates between 1 - 2 step maximum.


My actual registers configuration is:



ADIS_ALM_CTRL : 0x0002

ADIS_MSC_CTRL : 0x0407

ADIS_SMPL_TIME : 0x001A (or Max value)

ADIS_AVG_CNT : Default (I tried 0x0008)


(The Others registers not are changed)


Thanks for your support,