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ADN8831 evaluation board not stabilizing

Question asked by Forslund on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by ytu

Dear Analog devices


We are trying to evaluate the adn8831 chip for use in a fiber to the home product, and have therefor purchased the evaluation board.

The peltier element that we are using has an Imax=2.1 A and Umax=0.35V the thermistor is one with 10Kohm at 25 C and Stienhart-Hart- coefficients of A 1.215553e-3, B 2.192519e-4 and C 1.524069e-7.

We however have some problems is getting it to stabilize, when following the quick start found in application note AN-695, the temperature never seems to keep oscillating around the set point temperature without ever settling. This happens both when we try to control the temperature using the onboard potentiometer and if we try to set the temperature using the tempest pin.