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ADV7611 without any HPA and EDID

Question asked by mutgan on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by GuenterL



I have a video source that doesn't have any Hot Plug and DDC CEC signals,  I handled those relative pins as  stated at the user guide of ADV7611.

For example HPA_A , DDCA_SDA is left float and  DDCA_SCL is connected to ground via 10K resistor and so on.


I am trying to receive 720p60 signal but I cannot get any signal. I am trying to init the 7611 as the scripts at the design support files. In my custom circuit,  ADV7611 is connected to a blackfin 609. I am trying to modify and use the 7842 drivers in the EI3 decoder board.


If anyone can hint what I might be missing, it will be very helpful