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ADIS16350 and ADISUSBZ software

Question asked by henryd on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2016 by NevadaMark

I know this is an obsolete part but I still have some and want to use them.

I'm looking for the evaluation software that ruins the 16350 on the ADISUSBZ.

When I run IMU_6DOF_3 it correctly identifies the 16350 but claims that its unsupported. When I run anyway and pretend its a 16362 it displays gyro output correctly but not the rest. I guess I need an older verion of IMU_6DOF


BTW how did IMU_6DOF recognize the 16350? According to the data sheet registers are 6 bit wide and there is no PROD_ID. However the 16362 does have PROD_ID at 0x56. When I ask IMU_6DOF to read 0x56 it gives 0x3fde (16350) back. Weird - 0x56 is a 7 bit address which 16350 shouldnt be able to read